What is Teletandem?

Teletandem is a term used to describe a  face-to-face interactive foreign language learning activity that provides students with real opportunities to communicate with native speakers online. Teletandem is a mutually beneficial exchange of language, culture, knowledge and ideas in an authentic immersion environment. We've outlined the basics of Teletandem here

Teletandem FAQ

Teletandem sessions are routinely conducted in Hibbs 424. The WSMC specializes in delivering class-to-class Teletandem-style language exchanges with partner universities. We have compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Teletandem.

Finding a Partner

If you would like to practice a foreign language with a native speaker, the WSMC staff can help to find a Teletandem partner for you. We can help teachers find entire classes to pair their students with. We also help students and faculty find individual partners for one-on-one sessions as well.