Reserve the Lab

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Instructors of Foreign Languages at VCU may reserve the classroom lab in the WSMC for instructional purposes. The WSMC is generally not available for use by non-language instructors.

Any faculty member wishing to teach in the WSMC should reserve Hibbs 424 in advance. Room reservations may be made in person, via email (, or by phone (804-828-2320). Reservations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Foreign Language faculty may reserve the lab for up to four sessions at a time for any particular time slot (e.g. Mondays 2-3pm). Instructors may not reserve the lab for a specific time slot for the entire semester. Doing so would block other instructors who may want to use the lab. Instructors who need the lab on a weekly basis have several options—they may reserve the lab for 4 weeks initially, and after the first session they can reserve the 5th week, and after the second session they can reserve the 6th week, etc. Another possibility would be to reserve the lab for 4 weeks and then, after the 4th session, reserve it for another 4 weeks.

When making your reservation, please let us know if you will require anything specific from our workers for your class (e.g. set up and/or demo Rosetta Stone for your students, demo Sanako Study recorder for your students, etc.) so that we may be fully prepared to assist you upon arrival.

After your reservation has been made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for each class period reserved, and your reservation(s) will be reflected on the schedule.