The WSMC staff is trained to assist SWS teachers in the use of instructional media and technology. Teachers may request support for any WSMC hardware or software resources to be used for the purpose of teaching foreign languages or world cinema and/or improving the foreign language or world cinema curricula.

For more comprehensive instructional technology support, consider visiting the Academic Learning Transformation Lab or the Innovative Media Center.

The WSMC staff can provide technical assistance with WSMC resources and equipment owned by the WSMC. Teachers requiring assistance with e-mail, Blackboard, their laptop, or any non-WSMC resource should contact VCU Technology Services or the unit that oversees the technology in question. For technical support with online textbook components, please contact the respective company's support team.

For a broader range of technology Service and support at VCU, please contact the Humanities & Sciences Tech group (HASTECH) or VCU Technology Services.