An instructor helping a student with something (not visible) on a computer


Language Placement Testing

The WSMC offers computer-based WebCape language placement tests in French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. These tests are available to VCU students free of charge for the first attempt, and cost $26 per each subsequent attempt. Students may take placement tests in the WSMC in room 426. A handwritten Latin placement test is also offered, as is the Avant STAMP 4s Assessment. For native and heritage speakers, the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI/OPIc) is offered through Language Testing International (LTI)and is proctored at the WSMC. The LTI charges $139 for the OPI and $70 for the OPIc; the proctoring fee for each is an additional $26. Learn more about Language Placement Testing, the Avant STAMP 4s Assessment, and the OPI/OPIc.

Technical Support

The WSMC staff can provide technical assistance with WSMC resources and equipment owned by the WSMC. Teachers requiring assistance with e-mail, Blackboard, their laptop, or any non-WSMC resource should contact Technology Services at VCU or the unit that oversees the technology in question. For technical support with computers, e-mail, or Blackboard please contact the Humanities & Sciences Tech group (HASTECH) or VCU Technology Services. For technical support with online textbook components, please contact the respective company's support team.

Instructional Support

The WSMC provides an array of instructional support services. If you need help determining how to use our technologies and resources in your classes, the WSMC offers workshops and one-on-one training on request. Please contact the WSMC to discuss your specific instructional needs for language labs, multimedia presentations, lecture capture, workshops, and special projects.

Film Reserves & Screenings

The WSMC can manage instructional media reserve materials for students and instructors. Contact a staff member for assistance.

Faculty Training

The WSMC staff offers technology training to faculty and students in all of the applications offered by the Media Center including Rosetta Stone, Mango Languages, and Sanako language lab software among others.