Sanako Study 1200

The WSMC uses Sanako Study 1200 to run an array of electronic language lab activities such as student pairing, modeling, recording oral proficiency interviews (SOPI), and enabling instructors to monitor group activities.

Instructors and students alike enjoy utilizing Sanako Study 1200 for a wide array of reasons. Due to the nature of the program, students are able to work at their own pace, allowing for better and fuller comprehension of course material. The program's group-pairing, monitoring, and recording features optimize class time and increase the students' confidence in speaking. Students are able to work on the same assignment simultaneously, and focus on their own dialogue--without the added pressure of being in the spotlight, as in traditional classroom settings--while the instructor can listen in unobtrusively, or record the audio for later perusal.

Sanako Study 1200's monitoring feature is also of great use to instructors, both during class time and for testing. From the main console, instructors can monitor their students' desktops, restrict internet access, share content with students, remotely turn the students' monitors on and off, and much more.