Policies & Guidelines

General Use

  • Only lab-fee-paying students (that is, students enrolled in a course with lab fees) and their professors may use the WSMC, with exceptions granted on a limited case-by-case basis for other students within the College of Humanities and Sciences (CHS). Any students outside CHS wishing to make use of the WSMC must first gain approval from the Media Center Director.
  • Students must swipe their VCU ID and present it to the front desk workers when entering the Media Center.
  • Lab reservations: Any faculty member wishing to teach in the WSMC should reserve Hibbs 424 in advance. Click here to access the general lab schedule (Read-only). For more detailed information, see our page on reserving the lab.
  • Hibbs 424 is designed for classroom use, faculty presentations, special events, and other projects.
  • Hibbs 426 is our general purpose area and is open to all VCU foreign language instructors and their students. When Hibbs 426 is full, the overflow will be allowed to use the computers in Room 424 (unless 424 has a class in session).
  • Instructors must accompany classes to the WSMC except under extenuating circumstances, in which case special arrangements must be made in advance with the Director of the WSMC.
  • Instructors may not send entire classes to the lab without prior notice.
  • No class may be scheduled outside of WSMC operating hours.


  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the World Studies Media Center (WSMC). Students and faculty members may leave their food and drinks at the front desk while using the WSMC.
  • Students must swipe their valid VCU ID in the WSMC card reader upon entering the lab facilities. The card reader is located at the entrance of Hibbs 426.
  • Offensive and confrontational language is prohibited.
  • Loud conversations are strictly prohibited.
  • Cell phones must be placed on silent or vibrate, and calls must be taken outside of the lab.

Hibbs 426 - General Purpose Lab

  • Students must swipe their VCU ID and present it to the front desk worker when entering the World Studies Media Center.
  • Students and faculty must present a valid VCU ID when requesting to use lab resources (videos, CDs, print materials, and other supplies).
  • If the lab is completely full, students will be allowed to use Hibbs 424 if it is unoccupied. Please see the lab attendant at the front desk in Hibbs 426.
  • The WSMC is NOT responsible for personal items left in the lab. Such items, when found or turned in, are kept in our Lost & Found. Please ask an attendant for assistance.

Hibbs 424 - Classroom Lab

  • The classroom lab is only available to faculty of foreign languages unless granted special exception by the Media Center Director.
  • The classroom lab must be reserved in advance by SWS faculty (See schedule here and more information about reserving the lab here).
  • Teachers may reserve Hibbs 424 in person, by phone (828-2320), or by email (wsmc@vcu.edu).
  • A sign-in sheet will be provided for each class prior to its start. Students must sign in on this sheet when using the classroom lab, even if the instructor is taking attendance separately. If the instructor does not wish to take attendance separately, a copy of the sign-in sheet can be made available upon request. If the students fail to sign in, the instructor must sign off on the sheet indicating the exact number of students in attendance that day.

Borrowing Privileges

  • SWS faculty may check out up to 3 titles from the lab's media collection for fourteen days at a time. Instructors of World Cinema courses may check out more than 3 films, and hold them for longer periods, if needed. Please see the WSMC Director to make special arrangements.
  • Students may not check out WSMC multimedia resources, but may use them in the lab with a valid VCU student ID.
  • No equipment may be removed from the WSMC for student use under any circumstances. Students looking to rent multimedia equipment may do so at James Cabell Library or VCU's ALT Lab.
  • Instructors may not borrow equipment without the prior approval of the Director of the WSMC, and any equipment borrowed may not leave Hibbs Hall under any circumstances. Instructors looking to rent multimedia equipment for use outside Hibbs Hall may do so at James Cabell Library or VCU's ALT Lab.
  • Any equipment removed from the WSMC which becomes damaged while away will be repaired at the borrower's expense.

Media Duplication

  • The World Studies Media Center adheres to the copyright policies set forth by Virginia Commonwealth University.
  • Copyrighted videotapes may be converted to DVD without the written consent of the copyright owner if there is no DVD version available for purchase.

Audiovisual Production

  • Copyrighted audiovisual media will NOT be copied without the written consent of the copyright holder. Copyright information should remain on file in the WSMC.
  • Personal recordings may be copied by students and faculty when access to production resources is not restricted by a scheduled class in the WSMC or a previous production request.


  • Software will NOT be copied without the written consent of the copyright holder. Copyright information should remain on file in the WSMC.
  • Software may NOT be downloaded by students onto lab computers from the Internet or personal CD-ROMs.


  • Pay-per-print service is available to all lab users.
  • SWS Faculty may request to use the lab's "free" printer.

Abuse of Privileges

Any student found abusing these guidelines and policies may be asked to leave the WSMC and subsequently lose the right to use the facilities.