A student smiling with her Teletandem partner on the computer screen behind her

About the World Studies Media Center


The World Studies Media Center (WSMC) is a state-of-the-art technology resource facility with the mission of helping students enhance their learning with tools of digital media, computer-enhanced self-study programs, and Teletandem. We offer VCU students and faculty 2 robustly equipped computer labs and a vast array of instructional technology resources and services, which are useful for exploring the modern world in its infinite linguistic and cultural complexity.

The main instructional lab (Hibbs 424) is a specialized LAN-WAN connected classroom space capable of accommodating 35 students at 35 separate computer stations. There is an instructor's console machine designed to control the lab environment and configure any number of student pairing scenarios. Click here for information about reserving the classroom lab.

The WSMC offers an array of self-study language-learning applications such as Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More, and GrammarTutor. In addition, the WSMC houses an impressive collection of international films, documentaries, and instructional videos; a state-of-the-art electronic language lab; and the latest design tools for presentation, multimedia production, and web publishing. The WSMC encourages all teachers and students to utilize media and technology to enhance their teaching and learning of foreign languages.

Technical and instructional support is always available in the Media Center. The WSMC staff strives to enrich the language and cultural instruction of all students and teachers at VCU. So, please come visit our Media Center and explore the wealth of resources and services we offer for language study!